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Hot Date Dinner…Add it to the “To-Do” List this Year

Stay connected...make the effort...reap the benefits...
Stay connected…make the effort…reap the benefits…

BOLD STATEMENT, TRUE STATEMENT!!   Jobs, kids, homework, activities, community commitments, exercise….ADULTING IS HARD!!!   Resolutions are swirling in everyone’s head this time of year and one of the top things on the list will be time, MORE TIME.  The only way to achieve that resolution or desire is to be intentional with how we use just that, our time.  With everything going on in the lives of the average couple, it’s easy to forget or forgo the small gestures that really keep a relationship running.   However, little, intentional things can make your partner feel valued every day.   Little, intentional things like cooking and sharing a meal together with minimal distraction is a great way to be intentional about our time and to connect during a busy week (life).  After having our third child, Tim and I were really missing the relaxing, peaceful connection we once enjoyed over a nice dinner.  At that time our kids were relatively young (6, 4 and 6 months) and dinner time was a bit more chaotic with sippy cups, high chairs and potential melt-downs for any given reason.  I am strong believer that family meals are important, but so is showing our kids that we value our relationship as a couple.  We decided to re-claim Friday nights as our “date night!” (more…)

Thanksgiving Feast: A Menu and The Recipes

Happy Thanksgiving Friends
Happiest of Thanksgivings Friends!! I hope you all have a most wonderful holiday. To help ease your mind and anxiety level about the big feast….here is your menu with all of the recipes. Whether you are doing the entire meal or need to bring a dish, this is one stop shopping…Cheers!!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.  Yes, I do enjoy all of the cooking, but even more than that, I love the sense of family, togetherness and holiday spirit that it brings.  It feels so warm and cozy after the house is cleaned and decorated…I really can’t wait!!  I know that not all share in my enthusiasm and for some a big part of that is stress around what to make.  In this post I have laid out a fairly simple menu along with all of the recipes.  Pick and choose, make adjustments and/or additions, but know that all of these recipes have been tried and are fantastic.  All of these with perhaps the addition of a whipped, buttery bowl of mashed potatoes will grace our Thanksgiving table and it is my hope that all who sit at our table will LOVE it.  Best wishes to you, hope this menu helps provide inspiration and an ease of mind on what to make or what to bring. (more…)

Thai Vegetable Curry

Thai Vegetable Curry

“I had the best vegetable curry.”  This is something I often hear from my friend, Kristen.  She also has said that she needs to find a recipe to do it at home.  Well, here you go my friend.  Tim and I had this for hot date dinner last night and it was so beautiful and delicious.  The spice level in my opinion, is perfect, not too hot, but enough to let you know it is there.   One might want to make sure a chilled bottle of white is ready to take the edge off the heat.  I love vegetable curry, but this is a very versatile recipe….chicken, pork tenderloin, fish and or a number of other vegetables could be used here.   There are a number of spices in the  curry paste and if you do not have them in your pantry this is the perfect time to utilize the bulk spice section at  your co-op.   Cheers friends!! (more…)