My Inspiration


Inspired by the bright, vivid colors and fresh, beautiful produce on a recent trip to Mexico, I made these spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce for dinner!

What inspires me??  Seasonal food, the farmer’s market, the neighborhood co-op, my garden (both vegetable and herb), books, magazines, the weather, my budget, a no-waste philosophy (if you have a ton of spinach in your refrigerator, plan your meal around just that), my mood, likes and dislikes of those I am cooking for, nutrition, a vacation spot (we are going to or have been to), how much time I have to get it on the table, a technique, an occasion or holiday, a memory, a challenge, the healing properties of food, color, texture, a scent….all of these present an opportunity for me be to be creative and to make something great for those I love.



Cooking is my creative outlet and all of the above have inspired my meals at one time or another.  I have loved all things food for as long as I can remember and have pushed myself over the years to improve my culinary skills, my palate, my comfort level with new ingredients, to find and get to know local vendors, and to put nutrition at the forefront of my menu planning.  I am familiar with all different diet preferences (i.e. paleo, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, whole foods, low-carb etc) and I see positive aspects in all of them.   My personal emphasis when menu planning is on REAL food.  I am sure that almost everything I make can be adapted to fit your specific preference.  Please let me know if suggestions or modifications are needed to fit your liking.